Letter: Moving forward...together

To the Editor:

As newly seated councilmen we are disturbed and dismayed that the work of the Town Council has been taken to task by the minority party before the ink has dried on the minutes from our organizational meeting last month.

Regardless of the minority party’s opinion, the residents of all four Trumbull districts endorsed through their votes the continued satisfaction with the governance of our town by the majority party. The people spoke in November and they not only expect, but deserve, action. We feel the majority has done so. Moreover, we were exceptionally disappointed to hear the minority once again use the word “civility” as a political buzzword. Let’s all agree campaigning has ended – governing is now what matters.

According to an article recently published in the Trumbull Times, “The Democratic leader said it was clear that the current Republican Town Council members, including those newly elected, “have no intention about being civil….” “Petty partisan politics should have no place in our community,” she added. “Trumbull residents deserve better than this.”

We agree with the former Democratic candidate for First Selectman when she talks about petty partisan politics. However, we find we have to ask: Is it not partisan when the Democratic council members squeeze together as backbenchers at one council table behind all others rather than sit with their fellow district council members? Is it not petty partisan politics when the minority party says one thing, votes one way, then days later does the opposite? The minority stated throughout the campaign that appointments were not being made available to our residents. The Rules & Regulation Committee without dissent nominated unaffiliated resident, Mr. Ted Chase for an alternate position on the Board of Finance. Mr. Chase has been a quality volunteer in Trumbull for many years and exhibits a tremendous business and banking background that fits the bill—with, in our opinion, no personal agenda. Does that make us uncivil? Does greeting all members of the Council and wishing them a good and healthy New Year before our proceedings make us uncivil? Does working with fellow Council members on committees where we have lively discussions, sometimes agreeing, sometimes not make us uncivil? Is it appropriate for our town treasurer, having served in this term for just eight weeks, who did not attend either Committee or Town Council meeting, to unleash a partisan attack on those he disagrees with?

Regardless, as “newly elected” councilmen we continue to look forward to working together with our colleagues from the other side of the aisle. Knowing we will be dealing with many impactful issues throughout these next two years, we hope the residents of our districts see through the charade of disdain the minority exhibits and agree that civility, which Merriam-Webster defines as “polite, reasonable, and respectful behavior” is what we should all be striving to exhibit.
Mark Block

Councilman, District 3

Matthew Caron

Councilman, District 4