Letter: More unnecessary lawsuits are on the way

To the Editor:

Trumbull’s Town Charter allows public officials to bid to provide goods and services Trumbull needs as long as they publicly post notice for at least five days prior to the award of the contract. Most other towns in Connecticut have similar language in their charters and purchasing policies.

Before Oct. 5, 2015, Trumbull’s Purchasing Policy had the exact same language in the Conflict of Interest section that is in the charter. But the new ordinance First Selectman Herbst convinced his Republican allies to pass removes the conflict of interest section and substitutes a complete ban on any public officials submitting bids, bid waivers and/or providing professional services to the town. But you don’t need to be a lawyer to know this is a major problem. You can’t try to supersede the Town Charter with a simple ordinance. If you could, why don’t we just pass a new ordinance creating new voting districts next week to make sure certain candidates win their Town Council seat?

How many more times are we willing to let the First Selectman ramrod his agenda down our throats? Interfering with the operation of the library beyond his authority and trying to run roughshod over the Library Board and our library director over some paintings. Doing everything he could to eliminate the Trumbull Youth Association budget and the part-time employees who run it to provide our youth a great summer musical experience along with many other programs all year long. Giving the HR director a 6-year contract, far longer than needed. Hiring a third Parks and Recreation Director at $95,000 a year when the two we have are more than adequate and giving him a raise after only one month on the job. The new Director was allowed to start on June 1, 2015 so that he would be eligible for a pay raise at the start of the new fiscal year — July 1, 2015. Don’t we all get raises after one month on the job?

We need our politics in Trumbull to change and we can make that change on Nov. 3, 2015. Anyone who knows Vicki Tesoro is 100% certain that she will use an open and fair process for every decision she makes in cooperation with our other elected officials and for the good of Trumbull.

Please support Vicki Tesoro and end this constantly recurring waste of our tax dollars on unnecessary lawsuits and controversies that don’t help any of us.
 Annette Clift