Letter: LaFrance’s statements are false

To the Editor:

In her April 7 Letter to the Editor, Susan LaFrance claims that the current Board of Education does not operate in an honest and transparent manner, and she also believes that the Board of Education is withholding information from the public. Mrs. LaFrance’s statements are false and, quite frankly, outrageous.

As a former board member, Mrs. LaFrance is well aware that our Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and other staff members are regularly asked to make presentations on the performance of Trumbull Public Schools to Board of Education members at one of our two regularly scheduled monthly meetings. She knows that the documents at issue are created by BOE staff, not BOE members. She knows that when materials are not provided prior to the meeting, the reason is that the materials are still in draft form. When the final version is presented at a meeting, copies are always made available to the public at the same time as the board members receive them, and a copy is included with the minutes when they are filed.  

What Mrs. LaFrance has requested is that information to be presented by staff members be released in advance of their actual presentation so that she can “provide feedback to board members” on the topic…before she or anyone else even listens to the presentation being made.  

The public is given the opportunity to address the Board of Education at every meeting during the public comment portion of the meeting, and we always appreciate hearing your comments whether in person or in writing. If any member of the public has a question about how the BOE agenda is created, why some materials are posted prior to BOE meetings and why others are not, or any other items pertinent to BOE business, please do not hesitate to contact me or any Board of Education member. Our group email is boardofed@trumbullps.org.
Loretta Chory
Chairman, Trumbull Board of Education