Letter: Keeping a wonderful quality of life, low taxes

To the Editor:

My name is Ann Marie Evangelista. It has been my honor to be a Town Council member for the past 4 years. I am currently the Vice Chair of the Town Council Education Committee, Rules and Regulatory Committee member and alternate member of the Finance Committee. I am very proud of the work we have done under the Herbst administration.

Two of my children attend Trumbull Public Schools and my oldest is in college. My parents are retired and live in Trumbull. My main concern is to keep the excellent services and wonderful quality of life in Trumbull, and yet keep taxes as low as possible.

Many of us are not getting generous raises in our paychecks, but our bills continue to rise. It is extremely important to minimize tax increases in Trumbull. Residents cannot afford — and haven’t forgotten — the high tax increases that came along with Democratic Party leadership.

Since Tim Herbst and our team were elected, tax increases have averaged 1.88%. The education budget has increased, full-day kindergarten has been enacted, funding for public safety has increased and Trumbull has maintained a strong bond rating.

Please vote this Election Day for me and my District 4 running mates, Beth Llodra Gilman, Mark LeClair, Joseph Pifko and Rick Costantini, and the entire Herbst team.

It would be my privilege to continue as your voice on the Town Council.

Ann Marie Evangelista