Letter: It’s time for Herbst to stop with the bombastic personal attacks

To the Editor:
This past week, First Selectman Tim Herbst bitterly attacked Treasurer Anthony Musto. These kinds of personal attacks are all too common in Trumbull. It appears that Tim Herbst has a hard time getting along with others.

Anthony Musto is doing exactly what he should be doing as the Town Treasurer.The Town Charter specifically states that all reimbursement to or payments made on behalf of the First Selectman shall be by the Treasurer.

Why has Tim Herbst not been submitting his expense reports to the Town Treasurer?

Why does someone who reports directly to Tim Herbst sign off on his expenses?

Why is there no town business purpose documented for these expenses?

Why is there no internal town policy regarding expense reports and reimbursements?

These are all questions which Tim Herbst should answer, and he should get the itemized receipts for past expenses and submit them now so that the people of Trumbull know what (and who) they have been paying for.

Anthony Musto has been working on improved internal financial controls. Financial best practices prohibit a superior from having a subordinate approve his expenses. This is just common financial sense, and is such a no-brainer that everyone on both sides of the aisle should be supporting it.

But Tim Herbst, apparently does not. It’s astounding that he thinks this flawed process is OK considering he ran for State Treasurer. If Tim Herbst is serious about another run for state government, he will need to correct these flaws in Trumbull's financial process.

Tim Herbst was quoted in the newspaper last week saying that his expense account has no restrictions on it. However, in the description of the account in the town budget, it says that the account is used to pay expenses incurred by town officials “in the course of their duties.”

It’s time for Tim Herbst to stop with the bombastic personal attacks, and work with the Town Treasurer to implement a sound policy for all town employees. This is not a partisan issue. The expense policy should apply to all employees, now and in the future, regardless of political affiliation.

We call upon Tim Herbst to immediately submit itemized receipts for all of his town expenses. We call upon Tim Herbst to immediately submit mileage logs for personal vs. town use of his town-issued vehicle. We call upon Tim Herbst to immediate cease having someone who reports to him approve his expenses. We call upon Tim Herbst to implement a best practices expense reimbursement policy for all employees of the Town of Trumbull.

 Tom Kelly,

 Chairman, Trumbull Democrats