Letter: I will work to represent Trumbull in Hartford

To the Editor:

I’m Doug Sutherland, I’m running for State Representative in Connecticut's 123rd district, and I’d like your vote on Nov. 4.

My wife and I have lived in Trumbull for 27 years and our son is a product of Trumbull’s schools. During that time I’ve actively given back to our community — as a Cub Scout leader, by participating in events like Tidy Up Trumbull, by running drives for our Food Pantry and by participating in other charitable causes.

As your representative, my priorities will be to work across the aisle to create jobs, create opportunities for our young people, repair our crumbling infrastructure, protect our environment and assure that Trumbull taxpayers get their fair share of state funds. As a retired engineer, I’m used to solving complex problems, and that’s exactly what I’ll do when I go to Hartford.

I will work to reform Connecticut's property tax system, a system that our state relies on more than 48 other states to finance its public schools. It is highly regressive, it places an undue burden on working families and seniors, it distorts land-use planning and it provides unequal educational opportunity for our children: Greenwich residents pay less than one percent of their property value in taxes annually and they spend approximately $18,000 per pupil; Trumbull residents pay over two percent, yet allocate less than $14,000 per pupil — among the lowest of the Fairfield County districts. This is not only unfair, but it also violates court mandates and a moral obligation to provide an equal education for all our students. This is unsustainable and must be fixed.

I will also work to communicate more effectively with my constituents. As a start, I will hold regular town meetings to listen to your ideas and your concerns, and to help you understand what is happening in Hartford.

Questions or comments? Please phone me at 203-268-3114, or visit my website: http://www.votesutherland2014.com.

Doug Sutherland