Letter: I Said I would do my best

To the Editor:

Once again members of the party out of influence have chosen to obscure the facts and launch baseless attacks on members of the governing party for our role in leading Trumbull. Specifically, I am referring to Mr. Tom Tesoro who stated in a recent letter to the editor that I personally had “an obligation to answer” his questions because he is a resident of District 3.

Mr. Tesoro, let me be clear, I am happy to engage in constructive dialogue on the substantive issues facing our district and the town with any resident of District 3, or anyone else in town. I believe we can learn something about each other when we do so. I don’t believe that happens when you take to the pages of our town’s newspaper or from your keyboard on social media, or through texting, or side comments at committee or Council meetings.

I said when I ran for councilman that my first responsibility would be to represent the residents of my district, not just those who voted for me, but all our residents. I don’t distinguish between those who voted for me and those who did not. We are all Trumbullites. Second, I said I would do the best I could to make judgments as a councilman that were in the best interests of our town. I know my resume in town government is not as extensive as some of those in the Democratic Party leadership, like Mr. Kelly. But, common sense government doesn’t always require a two or three page resume. It only entails doing what is just, right and reasonable by the residents of our districts and town.

Having nominated Mr. Ted Chase to serve as an alternate on the Board of Finance I did so in part based on concerns I heard from residents across my district. From Long Hill to Tashua — Main Street to Madison Avenue, folks asked that I make an effort to help widen our tent in town government, cast our lines out further and involve new people in areas of service where the status quo would not be the guiding principle for selection. The residents of Trumbull should know what I told those in District 3. I have a principle when applying a common sense approach to government. I look for interested citizens who meet three qualifications. Are they competent, qualified and capable to fulfill the duties and meet the responsibilities of the position for which they have been nominated? In my judgment, Mr. Chase easily met my criteria. As for the political rhetoric espoused by those in the minority I ask them to research the facts — again. Mr. Chase came to the R & R Committee as a registered unaffiliated voter. He was supported in committee unanimously — both parties. His name was placed in nomination as an unaffiliated voter on the Council floor and he was approved. The elected members of the minority were for him before they were against him. Mr. Chase chose to affiliate with a party. Quite frankly, it is not important to me. He met my criteria. I was pleased to nominate him, and proud to support a qualified individual to serve.

I don’t expect the Democrats to agree with me. What I will do is represent the residents of my district in a way that I trust allows their concerns, hopes and satisfaction with our town to be heard both in committee and at the Council level. I also invite any resident of District 3 to reach out me anytime. Not through the pages of the newspaper, but to have a cup of coffee, discuss what we can do to make Trumbull even more attractive for business, education and recreation, or simply agree to disagree on an issue. I have published my email address before and will do so again. So reach out to me personally Mr. Tesoro, Mr. Kelly or others. Turn down the temperature of your partisan politics, cast off the political rhetoric and let’s keep Trumbull moving forward.

Mark Block,

District 3 Councilman