Letter: Herbst response was same old politics

To the Editor:

The Trumbull Times announced that the Herbst Administration dropped its dubious opposition to a special election to fill the Board of Finance seat belatedly vacated by state Rep. Dave Rutigliano. It is gratifying to see that the efforts of concerned town volunteers triumphed over the back room politics.

Unfortunately, the reaction of Tim Herbst was more of the same old politics of personal destruction that has put career politicians, like him, in a negative light. Rather than admit that his conduct and that of state Rep. Rutigliano promoted the interests of the Trumbull Republican Party over the rights of the people, Mr. Herbst lashes out in a response that is, to be kind, borderline irrational in my opinion. Instead of saying that he settled rather than face certain defeat in the courts, he impugns the integrity of the town volunteers who were forced to go to court to defend the rights of the people.

As Mr. Herbst likes to say,” for the record,” one of those who stood for the rights of the people was Vicki Tesoro, my wife, who has been for decades a dedicated town volunteer, particularly with respect to the advancement of our education system. Anyone who knows her will tell you of the multitude of volunteer hours she spends working toward the betterment of all Trumbull citizens. That is why it is so dismaying to see Mr. Herbst lash out and accuse her and Tom Kelly of wanting to put the children at risk for political gain. Outrageous on its face, it is also false because both Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Tesoro wanted the special election to be held in late June, after the schools had closed.

Strangely, Mr. Herbst accuses the Town volunteers of costing the taxpayers money for a special election. Again he conveniently fails to remember that Republicans had no problem calling for special elections. Stranger still, he fails to tell the reader that had Mr. Rutigliano resigned in a timely manner, his seat would have been on the recent November 2013 ballot and none of this would have been necessary. So any cost that is incurred falls squarely on the shoulders of Mr. Herbst and State Representative Rutigliano. Why these apparent political shenanigans?

However, in my opinion, the most bizarre comment was his statement that Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Tesoro are doing this solely to gain, and I quote, “raw political power.” Really? Raw Political power? In Trumbull? I think that statement speaks for itself and the tale it tells is not very encouraging.

In a nutshell, the resignation of state Rep. Rutigliano from the Trumbull Board of Finance is, in my opinion, a case of back room deals going wrong. Perhaps they thought no one would notice? Perhaps they thought no one would challenge them? They were wrong and they got caught. Now the people will decide who represents them, not the political bosses with backroom deals. An election is the way it should have been from the beginning.

Tom Tesoro