Letter: Herbst critical of town volunteer

To the Editor:

Yesterday I received a mailer from the Trumbull Republican party against Vicki Tesoro's agenda for supporting education in Trumbull. During the years that Vicki Tesoro held positions, in the capacity of a volunteer, as PTA president in the elementary school, middle school and Trumbull High School and as a volunteer on many academic committees, she was an advocate for our children and the Trumbull education system. As a private citizen, not an elected official, she was outspoken on budget issues and supporting increases to the education budget for the betterment of our town. She championed efforts to reduce class sizes, improve academic and curriculum supports. She advocated for the improved crisis-intervention services and enhanced school security. Vicki volunteered year after year in these positions because of her tireless pursuit of the betterment of our school system for our children and for our town.

Now as she is challenging our current first selectman on Nov. 3, he has the audacity to question her commitment to our town as a volunteer, who was asked by our parents to assume the responsibility of PTSA president and champion children's education. During the debate on Oct. 22, he pulled out a binder on Vicki on how she advocated for our school system as a volunteer, which was actually what she was asked to do by our school parents. Why is this a bad thing? We hope that all public school volunteers would be out there supporting our school system and trying to improve the education of our children!

Guess what Mr. Herbst, while you were in the Trumbull education system as a middle school and high school student you benefited from all the hard work Vicki Tesoro did for you and all the other children of Trumbull. As for the dossier on Vicki, when did you find the time to scour the files in the basement of Town Hall to find the minutes of the board of education? Was this done by town employees on our dime?

It's time for a change and I fully support Vicki Tesoro for First Selectman of Trumbull.
Shari Elias