Letter: Herbst administration has taken plenty of action

To the Editor:
As a Town Council representative from District 4, I feel compelled to write a response to Vicki Tesoro’s comments in The Trumbull Times dated Aug. 17, 2015. Vicki’s press release would have you believe that the Herbst administration has been nothing but talk, without action. However, as a person with a front row seat, I know that that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Mrs. Tesoro claims that under a Democratic administration “real senior tax relief” would be enacted. However, it was Tim Herbst and the Republican majority that enacted additional senior tax relief by passing the Volunteer Senior Tax Relief Program. This new program not only benefits seniors by providing additional tax relief, but also provides a valuable service to the town by encouraging seniors to volunteer their time, their expertise, and their professional experience. While it’s hard to believe anyone could oppose this program, one of Mrs. Tesoro’s running mates did, and voted no.
In her comments to The Trumbull Times, Mrs. Tesoro also criticized the current plan underway to study the needs and logistics associated with a new senior/community/library center.
As co-chairman of this committee, I am offended at the implication that any segment of the population has been neglected. This committee meets regularly and has spent numerous man-hours visiting neighboring senior and community centers in search of the best options for Trumbull and it has done so in a bipartisan fashion. The committee is made up of both Democrats and Republicans. The co-chair of this committee is a Democrat on the Town Council. Mrs. Tesoro had a lot to say about treating town volunteers with respect, but apparently that has not extended to this committee.
Finally, given Mrs. Tesoro’s track record of supporting large spending increases, the only thing we know for sure is that if Mrs. Tesoro is elected, Trumbull’s seniors will no longer be able to afford to live here. Mrs. Tesoro may believe otherwise, but a 12.5% spending increase is not “status quo” and a 6% spending increase will burden all taxpayers. Trumbull needs a leader that understands that Trumbull’s seniors are a great asset to this town and that sound fiscal policy will allow them to age in place and give back to this great community which they helped to build. Tim Herbst is that leader.
Joe Pifko
Town Council Representative, District 4