Letter: Hammers is the logical choice for Senate

Michael London
Michael London

With all of the attention focused on the presidential race, another important race in Connecticut, thus far, has been mostly overlooked. That is the race for State Senate in the 22nd District (Bridgeport, Monroe and Trumbull).

Elaine Hammers is a candidate for this critical seat in the Connecticut Legislature. While she is running on the Republican ticket, this is not a year to vote for someone simply because of party affiliation. Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters would be wise to select Elaine Hammers in the November election.

Why? Because Mrs. Hammers already has solid experience in the Legislature, where time and time again she helped join Republicans and Democrats to reach a consensus. For voters tired of legislative deadlocks and politicking for its own sake, Mrs. Hammers is the logical choice. If you want to see a change in Hartford, Elaine Hammers offers us the opportunity to initiate that change on our behalf. Over her many years in public service, she has acted according to her conscience and after a careful review of the facts -- and in the best interest of the people she represents.

Elaine Hammers has demonstrated fiscal prudence, both while previously serving in the Legislature and currently as chairperson of the Trumbull Board of Finance. She has no tolerance for frivolous spending. And that says nothing of her good judgment, common sense, and sincere desire to help the people of our district.

This is the time of year when a host of campaign literature arrives in the mail. Once in the State Senate, you won’t have to wait for an election to hear from Mrs. Hammers. She’s always been accessible and eager to hear what people in the entire district have to say. She will be a true voice for all the people in our district.

Unlike other candidates running in the November election for any number of seats, Elaine Hammers is not beholden to anyone – except the voters and the people of our district. I hope you will join me in supporting her in November.

Michael London, R-3rd

Town Council