To the Editor:

Last Monday night’s Town Council Meeting was difficult to say the least.

After delivering my statement to the Town Council Monday regarding, what I believe to be their inappropriate handling of the filling of the vacant seat in District 2, I left the council chambers without finishing my public comment on other items on the agenda. Quite frankly, I was just too angry and disappointed to continue.

Probably the most important item and the one that would have the biggest impact on the town was the appointment of the Board of Finance Alternate position. This was the statement I had prepared on behalf of Vicki Tesoro.

“You have two candidates before you tonight for the vacancy on the BOF alternate position. I ask you to carefully consider both of your options. If we truly want to move toward a 2025 agenda for the town, which will involve many structural changes and financial liabilities, it is important that the candidate with the most experience and the one with the most knowledge going into the position, be in place. The history of where we were is going to be extremely important to where we are going. I also believe, if we are to listen to the voters of Trumbull, as stated by the First Selectman at his swearing in ceremony, and truly hear their directive, we need to work together and create balance within our boards and commissions seeking and installing the best possible candidates to represent them and the town for a future where over the next several years, some of the most expensive and life changings projects and policies will occur.”

I’m sorry that the Town Council chose to not place Vicki Tesoro in the position. In my opinion, another mistake. She was and continues to be the more qualified and experienced candidate for that position.

Our First Selectman is fond of repeating a phrase of late, “When you start wrong, you end wrong.”

For the sake of our town and its residents, I hope that is not true.
Cindy Penkoff