Letter: Election reflection from new town council member

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all residents who displayed their Trumbull-Pride by voting last week, especially those in District 4. I cannot express how excited yet humbled I am to have been elected as part of this term’s Town Council. Meeting and speaking with so many residents throughout this campaign whether at their homes or over the phone, was such an inspiring experience. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what residents love about our great town, as well as how they feel our town could become even greater. Information I will most certainly keep in mind as I begin my term on the Council.

This campaign experience also gave me the opportunity to witness how quickly people from both sides, can become nasty with one another especially via social media; a fact that was a bit disheartening.  If we are to take our town to even higher levels, we need to foster and maintain an atmosphere where everyone’s opinions are allowed to be heard without fear of condemnation; an atmosphere I plan to uphold throughout my time on the Town Council.  As people, we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. At a time where our state and country seem to be more divided than ever, we should be focusing our energies, at all ages, on supporting and building each other up rather than tearing our neighbors down — just to make a point. It was quite evident by the tremendous voter turnout that our residents are passionate about making Trumbull not just a place to live, rather a community where we can experience a true sense of belonging.

Again, I offer my sincere appreciation and thanks for the opportunity to serve this terrific town. I look forward to your comments and suggestions at trumbulltcd4@gmail.com  in the days and months ahead.
Matt Caron,
Town Council-elect District 4