Letter: Development on Daniels Farm Road would have major impact

To the Editor:

I’d like to get the word out about how plans to develop land at 147 Daniels Farm Road will impact traffic, flooding and municipal costs.

The property is on the Pequonnock River, just before an undersized culvert with a history of flooding homes and businesses.

Further, if they are allowed to squeeze 16 homes onto the land, the town will be left with the responsibility of maintaining two new roads, a detention pond and three plunge pools at taxpayers expense. That’s before we even consider the 30-plus children that could be added to our school system.

These 16 homes will exit directly onto the extremely busy Daniels Farm Road just where the road turns and cars accelerate, on the way from Town Center toward Route 25 and the schools.

This issue has the potential to impact hundreds of area residents either by flooding, traffic or increased municipal costs yet most people don’t know that there is a Wetlands Meeting about this proposal on Nov. 12 [7 p.m., Town Hall] because your paper has chosen not to cover it in your paper or emails.

Pleases do more to help area residents learn about this proposed development while there’s still time for them to have their voices heard.

Joanne Owens