To the Editor:

I’m a taxpayer and senior citizen and am appalled by events that are happening as I write this letter.

A new director for social services, including the senior center, has just been appointed, and her credentials are impressive indeed. Why are we rushing to spend $175,000 of our tax dollars without waiting for her input? Is there a hidden agenda here of which we are not aware?

Why are we moving in the direction of bricks and mortar when perhaps our senior center failing is not the building but rather the lack of event programming? A cursory review of the programming in the senior centers in Fairfield and Monroe might help highlight the missing ingredients in our facility and guide us in the direction needed in a more seriously cost-effective way.

Finally, I must add my view of the need for more bricks and mortar to accommodate the alleged lack of space in Town Hall. With an administration that purports to be very cost conscious, the question that emerges is why we added so many additional bodies and layers of management when our town functioned well before these additions? Perhaps the administration could give us specific, fact-based examples of how the additional personnel saved taxpayer dollars and improved the functions for which they are responsible.
Joseph Schlig