Letter — Committee has fulfilled its mission

I was absolutely shocked to read that the Town Council will entertain a resolution to disband the Trumbull Community Center Study and Building Committee (with appreciation for a job well done). Whatever happened to the people of Trumbull having the right to vote on a referendum? Wasn't that one of Mrs. Tesoro's campaign promises? She never said she was against the center; she always said the people should have their say.

In February of 2015 the Town Council voted in a 17-1 non partisan manner to establish the committee. It appropriated $175,000 to do a feasibility study and conceptual design. Over two and a half years the committee met 51 times, visited over 20 sites and held countless public forums on the subject. The committee submitted a site selection that the Town Council approved. In the end, after retaining an architect and a construction firm the committee submitted architectural renderings and detailed building costs of $17.5million.

The issue of the community center was always intended to go to referendum by all political parties, but only after the electorate was well informed as to what services the center will have, what it will look like, where it would be located and most importantly, how much it would cost the average homeowner.

An enormous amount of time, effort and town dollars went into this project. The committee has fulfilled its mission. If there are more questions, then the committee should be charged with answering them. It is now time for this project to move forward in a non partisan way, the way it began. It would seem that it is now the administration's job to educate the public and bring the discussion to a vote by the people.

Joe Pifko, former co-chair

Community Center Study & Building Committee