Letter — Cloudy transparency

Matt Caron — Trumbull RTC photo
Matt Caron — Trumbull RTC photo

On Thursday Sept. 27 the Trumbull Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) could be voting on a proposed Zoning Regulation Amendment that, if approved, would establish a Mixed-Use Design District within the Trumbull Westfield mall property.

On July 11 the First Selectman issued a statement saying she had “serious concerns” and would continue “fighting for the character of our town.” Since this issued statement the PZC has held multiple public hearings, however the first selectman chose not to make use of these opportunities to further convey to residents what concerns she has, or what the “character” of our town looked like to her.

This silence could lead one to believe that the first selectman not only approves of this amendment change and the residential development tied to it, but actually thinks such development is in concert with her view of what the character of Trumbull is and will be in the future.

Earlier this week the first selectman issued an updated statement on this matter. While maintaining her posture of fighting for the character of our town and it’s residents, the first selectman makes clear her support for this potential development by arguing the impact to our schools will be minimal due to decreased enrollment numbers, and staggered completion times of the similar projects.

While I agree that we need to work with our mall partners as they look for ways to keep their property ahead of the ever changing mall-experience curve, I can’t help but feel this property should be reserved for more retail type development opportunities seeing as how there are so few options available for new development in town. In addition, with one multi-family development already under construction I would prefer to wait and see what impact this development has on our schools and emergency services, before going ahead with another similar sized project.

When decisions, such as this one, stand to have a dramatic impact on so many, we Trumbull residents deserve leadership that is truly transparent, while articulating the benefits and concerns of their vision for our town.  

Matt Caron, chairman

Trumbull Republicans