Letter: Bus service is important to the senior citizens in town

To the Editor:

It was with great dismay that I read your Feb. 25 article by Steve Coulter regarding Senior Center bus service for the town’s elderly non-drivers, which is currently provided by the Trumbull Senior Center.

As a regular recipient of this precious gift, I wish to convey to our town officials the importance of this service and to plead that it remain uninterrupted. My first reaction to the aforementioned article was amazement at the report by Ms. Hammers, that on the one summer day last year when she tested the service, there was only one other passenger aboard.

In my several years of using this service, I have never been a sole passenger except when keeping a doctor‘s appointment. Perhaps we should all visit the same docs for a group visit. Perhaps we could wear matching party hats.

As to the suggestion that Bridgeport Transit might be engaged to provide this service, I would be loath to recommend this as a solution on the basis of my own experiences. On one trip to Norwalk for medical purposes, I was picked up from my home over an hour late and subsequently waited on the street in Norwalk for three hours before being retrieved. On another occasion I was delivered to Westport but no one ever returned for me.

The care, consideration and timeliness provided by our own Trumbull drivers are offered in stark contrast. How unfortunate it is that this proud and prosperous town is on a relentless course of whittling away at services provided to its most vulnerable citizens.
Constance Cleary