Letter: Budget achieves important priorities, underscores Herbst’s hard work

Jack Testani, a Town Council member serving the first district, is pushing to chair the Trumbull Republican Town Committee.
Jack Testani, a Town Council member serving the first district, is pushing to chair the Trumbull Republican Town Committee.

Next month, I will again be seeking the Chairmanship of the Trumbull Republican Town Committee. I do so because I believe in results realized by the Herbst Administration these last six years over the rhetoric of the current minority Party. Last week, the 2015 Democratic candidate for First Selectman, Vicki Tesoro, seemingly began her 2017 campaign for first selectman by writing a critical editorial of the recently proposed budget that was filled with political bombast. Similar to other recent letters from the minority party, Mrs. Tesoro’s letter is filled with political talking points, speaks in vague generalities, and tells us what she is against rather than what she is for and when she does talk about what she believes in, she doesn't tell us how she will pay for it.  

First Selectman Herbst continues to prove by example that the Republican administration has specific indicatives that work for the betterment of all Trumbulllites.

This budget achieves so many important priorities and underscores the hard work of the Herbst administration in growing our economy. In the budget proposed by the First Selectman, the mil rate is reduced and residential property taxes will also be reduced. This is the second residential tax cut delivered by the administration in seven budgets.

This year’s budget restores $377,000 in reductions that makes meaningful investments in curriculum development and technology. Public safety takes on special significance under the leadership of Police Chief Michael Lombardo.

With a drug epidemic plaguing Connecticut and our region, First Selectman Herbst has requested three school resource officers — one at each middle school and one at Trumbull High School. Necessary investments in mental wellness through additions to the Mary Sherlach Counseling Center have also been incorporated.

This budget also reduces spending with the elimination of four positions in the Town budget through reorganizations and consolidations. The annual pension contributions are fully funded while keeping our rainy day fund at a healthy 10.5% of our town's total operating budget. A fully funded education budget at the Superintendent’s request, reduced taxes, smaller government, improved services, transparent accounting; all are some of the hallmarks of the Republican Administration under First Selectman Herbst.

If I am elected Chairman of the RTC next month, these constant political attacks will be met with facts and truth. Trumbull voters will know what they have and what they could get in the alternative. The minority party including Mrs. Tesoro has never presented an alternate budget or worked across party aisles to reach compromise on behalf of Trumbull taxpayers. It isn't fiscally responsible for Trumbull Democrats to advocate for budgets that increase spending 6% per year or to deny the taxpayers of Trumbull the right to vote on capital expenditures in excess of $15 million dollars. It isn't fiscally responsible for the minority party to tell voters that you will reduce the mil rate, reduce taxes and provide an additional $8 million to public education without providing specific plans to accomplish that mission.

Republican ideals of fiscally conservative government while providing funds for economic development, public safety, and a focus on increased benefits for Trumbull veterans and seniors, improved parks and recreation facilities and programs and an enhanced quality of life will continue to be the goal. The future is bright and the harbinger of an even better Trumbull community will be the result of the hard work of the Republican government under the leadership of First Selectman Herbst.
Jack Testani

Town Council Representative, District 1