Letter: Being a Democrat shouldn’t be a crime

To the Editor:

Another week, another scandal for the Herbst administration. As if allegedly sending cease and desist letters to people who speak out against him and calling rival's employers in an attempt to get them fired from their jobs wasn't enough, the administration used taxpayer funds to hire a private investigator to spy on political rival Tom Kelly.

And what was Tom Kelly's crime? Being a Democrat. Taxpayer funds were used to have a private investigator peep in the windows of Tom Kelly's house because he dared to have an opinion that conflicted with the Herbst administration.

The Herbst administration filed a complaint with the SEEC charging that Mr. Kelly does not live in Trumbull and used the investigator to gather evidence. This complaint, if approved, will invalidate the entire Democratic ticket and hand a victory to all Republicans without an election.

Are you comfortable with a politician using taxpayer funds to spy on citizens and stamp out democracy? Shouldn't elections be about laying your positions on the table in a respectful manner and letting the voters decide what they prefer? After all, when the election is over we all have to work together to keep Trumbull great. Let's not forget that.
Rob Levin