Letter — Apartment proposal is very concerning

Once again, the town is leaning toward development, developers and not the taxpayer.

The new proposed apartments at the mall are very concerning to me. Two bedrooms plus a den means three bedrooms – we are not stupid. The developers’ lawyers are stating there will be 38 additional children for the schools. That’s a laugh. The taxpayers will be footing the bill for more students, possibly more schools, more teachers, and taxes from the development that do not cover that bill. Wonderful.

Perhaps it is time for the mall to consider a hotel (great location), or a recreational facility, or a large grocer, or a craft store, etc. Planning involves more than just erecting a building on a lot. We should not change zoning, give abatements, or hurt our own infrastructure to appease developers. The mall is a large taxpayer and I understand that – but has our first selectman (always talking about process) had a study group on this? Just curious.

By the way, any seniors that were hoping for a new community center, this will not happen with this administration. If these plans for all these apartments go through, we will be spending that money on a new school. To everyone - think about your votes and remember talk is cheap, taxes aren’t.

Suzanne Burr Monaco, R

Town Clerk