Letter — Anti-toll resolution is relevant to town

To the Editor:
On Wednesday, March 7, hearings will be conducted in Hartford on two bills for proposed tolling of all interstate highways in Connecticut. Both bills would seek to achieve annual revenues of $800 million to $1 billion dollars annually after construction by 2023 with a projected annual operation cost of $10 million. Both bills would delegate control away from the General Assembly to either the Department of Transportation or a new Transportation Authority resembling the MTA in New York.
Concerns about the study supporting the proposals and negative impacts of tolls on Trumbull residents and businesses, resulted in a bipartisan vote to resolve “the Trumbull Town Council is opposed to a system of tolls in the State of Connecticut that may disproportionately or unfairly impact Trumbull residents financially and impact public safety and impact congestion on our roads”.
While resolutions of this nature are not generally considered Town business, the obvious effects of placing as many as 22 electronic gantries on I95 and the Merritt/Wilbur Cross Parkways from Greenwich to New Haven ( one every 6.6 miles) made this resolution highly relevant to residents and workers in our Town.
The adopted resolution also encourages our First Selectman, State Representatives and State Senator to express our concerns and adversity to the pending proposals.
We are grateful to our colleagues on the Town Council, to the residents who spoke of personal impacts of tolls and to our State Representative Laura Devlin for the information provided, all of which contributed to the final form of the resolution adopted Monday night.
Carl Massaro Jr. (R-3rd)
Edna Colucci (R-2nd)