Letter: A respectful tone needs starts with the first selectman

To the Editor:

I have lived in Trumbull my entire life. In fact I live in the same home, so my 1968 yearbook address would still be correct.

My children grew up in Trumbull, and my grandchildren are growing up in Trumbull.

The past few years have been very sad to watch.

I was a parent who ran the Booth Hill School fair, sewed costumes for the TYA, and worked the gate at Trumbull Day to raise money for the THS choir.

My input was important, and as a volunteer I was thanked, not humiliated. I was not pushed aside. We were a group of parents and residents, not Republicans or Democrats.

We were from our town of Trumbull, working for a better place to raise our children.

The comments I read from people who are actually running for office wanting to represent me are disappointing.

We as citizens of Trumbull deserve to be respected by the people who serve us, and that is not currently happening. I read the comments from people who tout all that they do for our town, but the way they speak to the people of Trumbull shows me the person behind the words.

A respectful tone needs to start with the first selectman. This climate will not change if Tim Herbst is re-elected. You will either be on the bus with him, as his fellow Republicans are just following the line behind him no matter how many people that bus runs over, or under the bus with all of the other people of Trumbull like me, a lifelong resident.

I love this town, my town, and that is why I think it’s time for a new bus driver, and her name is Vicki Tesoro.

With Mrs. Tesoro as first selectman of Trumbull, all will be welcome to get onboard and work to make Trumbull the best it can be! Please join me in casting your votes for Team Tesoro on Nov. 3.
Maureen Gerathy Maher