Leaf pick up starts this week

The town's loose leaf pick-up starts Monday, Nov. 10.

This year, crews will start at the four corners of town — two crews will start in the northern sections, near Monroe, and two others crews will start in the southern corners, close to Fairfield, Bridgeport and Stratford. Crews will work toward the center of town.

Primary roads will be collected first; this is expected take about two weeks. Secondary streets will follow in the same pattern as above. A list of the main roads may be found on the town’s website, trumbull-ct.gov. Residents may also check the website for daily updates on the leaf collection map.

Collection will be done only once on each street, so it is important that all leaves are at the curb before pick-up begins on Nov. 10, according to the town.

Leaves should be placed on the lawn, at the edge of curb. Leaves in the roadway won’t be collected, and residents who leave them there are subject to a $90 fine, as it creates dangerous conditions for vehicles and pedestrians, according to the town.

In the event of an early snowfall, if crews are not able to complete leaf collection, leaves in the gutter may be plowed back partially onto your lawn and may remain snow-covered. In the spring, the grass may show temporary signs of stress because it has been covered over, but it will remedy itself as the weather warms, according to the town.

Residents can request bagged leaf pickup throughout the program period. If residents prefer bagged leaf pick-up, leaves must be in paper bags or they will not be taken. Residents may call 203-452-5070 or 203-452-5071 with questions, comments, or to get additional information.

The town also urges residents not to dump leaves on someone else’s property or vacant lots, unless they receive the owner’s permission.