LaFrance joins Democrats in 2015 election

A member of the Trumbull Board of Education is switching political allegiances, the Democratic Town Committee said Monday.

Susan LaFrance, who was elected to the education board on the Republican ticket in 2013, was nominated with a list of other candidates as part of the Democratic slate that was announced Sunday night.

"Susan LaFrance has served on the Trumbull Board of Education as an elected community volunteer and she has been an advocate for students and a quality public education," said Tom Kelly, the DTC's chairman. "We respect and recognize her service to Trumbull. Recently, she expressed to us her desire to change parties, and her statement articulates the reasons for her decision.

"The Trumbull Democratic Party welcomes her as someone who works hard to improve our town and who stands up for what she believes," Kelly added.

LaFrance said in a press release Monday that she was honored to join the Democratic party in the coming November election.

She said it became evident over time that her beliefs and principles were closer to the town's democrats than the party she's been representing the past two years.

"It has become clear to me that the values I have been championing, such as: class size equivalence, enhanced curriculum support, student and school safety, and budget transparency are more aligned with the values of Trumbull Democrats," she said.

Besides the difference in beliefs, she said her Republican colleagues tried to quiet her opinion at meetings.

"Over the past two years, my Republican colleagues have thwarted my efforts, time and time again, and have attempted to stifle my voice because I did not agree with their political agenda," she said. "I will continue to represent Trumbull residents in earnest and with transparency. I am proud to run for re-election for the Board of Education as a Democrat."