Kelly: Once again, Herbst lashes out to try and change the subject

Democratic Town Chairman Tom Kelly responds to criticism from First Selectman Tim Herbst:

As usual, Tim lashes out at me and Trumbull Democrats because he's trying to pivot away from the issue at hand and change the subject.  This issue is not about me at all.  This is about how Mr. Herbst handles situations when it comes to his biggest supporters, versus how he handles things when it is a perceived opponent.

We didn't question our fine Police Department or the Ethics Commission at all.  Mr. Herbst knows that.  We criticized how he has handled this.  Period.  We believe that Mr. McGovern should resign from the Police Commission. We believe that our First Selectman has not handled this matter with transparency or consistency.  We are glad that the First Selectman said that he calls for Mr. McGovern's resignation as well.  At the end of the day, he agreed with us once we made our position public.  So, I'm not quite sure why he's reacting so angrily since we seem to have arrived at the same place, although apparently for different reasons.