We keep hearing from Trumbull Town Hall that Trumbull is moving in the right direction and how great it is that the town is buying four residential properties in a row in the North Church Hill Road area. But, in my opinion, in the Trumbull that I grew up in, and when Trumbull is at its' best, any developer or the government would have found it impossible to get four property owners in a row to sell their homes. Even when the mall was buying up homes on the streets next to the mall, it took many, many years to get everyone to sell. We should all think about that.

In order to put Trumbull in the best direction possible, we all need to stop talking about working together and actually start working together. It also requires full transparency with the residents of Trumbull. We should be working with neighbors, not approving town purchases of residential homes for an undefined or undisclosed purpose over the objections of entire neighborhoods which only found out about the proposed purchase 10 days before. It's not just what you do, it's how you do it.

Trumbull Democrats do not think it is cause for joy that four homes in a row in a residential zone may be acquired by the town. Do you? According to the Plan of Conservation and Development, these specific homes should be maintained as residential properties. The residential nature of Trumbull has always been one of our greatest assets. We will continue to stand behind those remaining in the neighborhood who were not notified in advance, and who believe their property will be devalued, that there will be too much vehicular traffic, and that their children will not be as safe. We also think that if the town has well over $1 million to spend, there are many more important priorities. Thanks for reading.