Hired driver arrested for crashing into town clerk, husband

Town Clerk Suzanne Burr Monaco.
Town Clerk Suzanne Burr Monaco.

The driver responsible for sending Town Clerk Suzanne Burr Monaco and her husband, Domenic, to the hospital back in February was arrested last week on a warrant for using a vehicle without permission.

Trumbull police said Hunter Kay, 24, was served the warrant at his Pemberton Drive home around 2:30 p.m. Thursday, June 9.

According to a report, Kay was driving a rented car that did not belong to him during the two-car collision that took place on Church Hill Road around 8:30 p.m. Feb. 3.

The Trumbull resident was hired by an out-of-town businessman to drive the rented vehicle and serve as a designated driver that day, the report added.

Police said Kay began driving the man around 1 p.m. and dropped him at several meetings throughout the day before making a final stop at Joseph’s Steakhouse in Bridgeport that evening.

According to the report, Kay asked the man if he could leave and go home to change clothing while he had dinner inside the Steakhouse. The man denied the request, a Trumbull police officer told The Times; however, Kay left the scene in the rented vehicle.

He was traveling southbound on Church Hill Road when his vehicle crossed over the double yellow line and struck a northbound vehicle, which was driven by Burr Monaco.

All three people involved in the collision were transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital’s emergency room, according to Lt. Leonard Scinto, and the accident still remains under investigation.

Kay was served the first warrant last week — for taking the car without permission — and could face additional, drug-related charges in future warrants, police said.

Back in February, the unidentified businessman who hired Kay reported his car stolen to Bridgeport police before receiving a call from Trumbull police that the vehicle had been in an accident. He went to Trumbull police headquarters to file an official report, which resulted in the first warrant, police explained.

Kay was processed and released on a $1,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Monday, June 20.

Prior to his arrest last week, Kay was charged with driving under the influence after he hit a tree on Lincoln Street in September 2012.