Herbst proposes five debates for 2015 campaign

First Selectman Tim Herbst is already looking forward to the fall.

With the 2015 campaign season fast approaching, Trumbull's first selectman has proposed a slate of five debates to take place in town beginning in late September and concluding the last week of October.

The debates will range in time from 75 minutes to 90 minutes, and will include various moderators who will focus on different regional issues.

In a letter to his challenger, Town Council Democrat Vicki Tesoro, the first selectman said the proposed schedule allows officials to start planning out the issues that will be discussed at each debate. The first proposed debate in late September will be a televised one covering general topics concerning Trumbull.

From there, the two politicians will have more definitive debates, according to Herbst.

"I believe that this type of debate format allows each of us to offer our vision and also highlight our differences," he said in the letter to Tesoro.

The fifth and final proposed debate will take place in the last week of October, and will be 75 minutes long. Herbst suggested the debate be sponsored by the Trumbull Times and be moderated by Dr. Gary Rose, a political science professor from Sacred Heart University.

"I believe the proposed outline is neutral and fair," Herbst said. "This format will allow us to discuss the issues of critical importance to the citizens and taxpayers of the Town of Trumbull."