Herbst challenges Nappier to debate, says state treasurer office should have less power

First Selectman Tim Herbst is challenging State Treasurer Denise Nappier to a debate, urging the Democrat to defend her record, according to an article this week in The Hartford Courant.

Herbst, a Republican will face off with 16-year incumbent Denise Nappier in the November election.

Herbst told the newspaper that one issue he wants to debate is whether the state treasurer has too much power to make unilateral moves with the pension money.

According to The Courant, Nappier has kept a low profile, declining requests for interviews regarding criticisms by Republicans. Nappier has made some campaign stops in the area recently, including speaking at the Sept. 7 CT United Ride, organized by Trumbull Democrat Fred Garrity.

In August, Herbst told The Trumbull Times that he recognized the difficulty in facing off with a long-time incumbent, but that voters aren't happy with Nappier's performance.

“Denise Nappier has been on the ballot in four statewide elections and I have never run for office outside of the Town of Trumbull,” he said. “While we have qualified for our grant under the Citizens Election Program, we have not even begun to go up on television or send out direct mail to make our case to the voters."

Herbst's campaign recently released a commercial, promising to help "dig" the state out of the whole its in.

Read the full Hartford Courant story here.