Herbst: I asked for McGovern's resignation

In response to a Democratic statement demanding Police Commission Chairman Roger McGovern step down from his post, First Selectman Tim Herbst issued the following statement via text message. Read Democratic statement here.

Last week, I and others asked Mr. McGovern to resign from the commission. Mr.  McGovern refused to do so.  As a result, my office and the Trumbull Police Commission have referred this matter to the Trumbull Ethics Commission.  Per the Town Charter, the Ethics Commission is the only town body that can recommend removal from office.

What I find interesting is the continued hypocrisy of Trumbull Democrats.  When Tom Kelly, their chairman was sanctioned 6-0 by the Ethics Commission for unethical conduct as a Board of Education member, not one Democrat honored the findings of the Ethics Commission and called for his resignation.

I am proud of how Chief Lombardo and his officers have conducted this investigation in an ethical and transparent manner and I am proud that Mr. McGovern's peers had the integrity, by official vote and resolution to refer this matter to the appropriate adjudicative body to take appropriate action after a due process hearing where all evidence will be presented and weighed.