Hearing on town plan is Sept. 12

The Planning and Zoning Commission has scheduled a public meeting to get input from Trumbull residents regarding the update of the Plan of Conservation and Development. The workshop is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 12 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Frenchtown Elementary School, 30 Frenchtown Road.

The meeting will begin with an overview of the strategies in the draft 2014 Plan of Conservation and Development.  Residents and property owners will then have an opportunity to provide comments on the draft Plan and suggest priorities and strategies.  Following the public meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission will consider the comments received and review and refine the draft Plan.

The draft 2014 Plan is available on the web at http://plan-trumbull.com/

The draft Plan suggests a number of programs and initiatives for Trumbull to pursue over the next decade:

• Protecting town character

• Encouraging creation of a walkable “town center”

• Guiding business development

• Investigating ways to address changing housing needs

• Protecting natural resources and linking open spaces together into greenways

• Identifying and prioritizing community facility needs

• Doing more to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles

Some of the recommendations in the drafted plan include retaining residential character, encouraging “village-style” development in the town hall area, Long Hill Green and Town Center. The plan also recommends updating commercial zones and creating new zones in areas where growth is desirable, while also providing housing opportunities for changing needs. Promoting trails and parks, as well as accommodating safer travel areas for bicycles and walkers, are also part of the input received so far.

“This Plan is an important document which will be used to guide future conservation and development activity over the next decade and beyond,” said Anthony Chory, Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Trumbull residents are encouraged to come to the meeting to help ensure that the Plan of Conservation and Development reflects community goals.