GOP to Musto: Give back more money

Town Treasurer Anthony Musto’s $2,100 donation to Trumbull Social Services, which runs the town’s food pantry, drew a harsh response from the local Republican Party. Party Chairman Jack Testani, who also serves on the Town Council, said Musto should give back even more of his salary, claiming poor attendance at Board of Finance and Pension Board meetings.

According to Testani, Musto missed four of the nine pension meetings in 2016 and eight of 15 finance board meetings.

“I’m glad he returned his salary increase,” Testani said. “If his position was based on performance and merit pay, he would have to return his entire salary.”

Musto said he preferred not to get into a back-and-forth discussion, but did point out that he is not a member of the Board of Finance and has no role on that panel.

“I don’t report to the Board of Finance. I show up as a courtesy if they have questions, but it is not part of the job,” he said. “I answer to the voters of Trumbull and I prefer to let them decide if I’m doing my job or not.”

Democratic Chairman Tom Kelly called the Republican attack absurd.

“They’re going to attack — I don’t know why they’re compelled to do that,” Kelly said. “At what point do the attacks stop? Donating money to a social service program should universally be seen as a good thing, and instead you get these childish attacks. You would expect more from an eighth grader.”

Kelly also suggested Testani’s own house was made of glass.

“He should look at his own [Town Council] caucus,” Kelly said. “He’s talking about Anthony’s attendance at meetings he’s not even scheduled to participate in; meanwhile, four of the 15 Republican council members missed the last meeting.”