GOP strong in Trumbull; Senate seat goes to Democrat

UPDATED 12:45 a.m. — Republicans won big in Trumbull Tuesday night.

GOP Chairman Paul Lavoie said his party got out the vote and worked hard.

"Trumbull has done its job for the Republican party," Lavoie said. "Now we just need to wait on the rest of the state."

State Rep. Dave Rutigliano and T.R. Rowe celebrated at the Trumbull Marriott Tuesday night, with fellow Republicans. Rutigliano thanked supporters and also criticized his opponent, Democrat Doug Sutherland, for what he called a "nasty" campaign.

"This election was particularly nasty," Rutigliano said "At least Trumbull showed that kind of campaign isn't going to work."

Rowe, who serves Trumbull, Monroe and Easton celebrated a win against Matt Reale.

"It's a magnificent job, it's a challenging job," Rowe said of being probate judge. "You are dealing with sensitive and difficult issues. It's a challenge but I love it."

Trumbull resident Rick Costantini, who won in his hometown, did not win the race for the 22nd State Senate district overall. Democrat Marilyn Moore claimed a victory, winning the seat, which represents Trumbull, Monroe and a part of Bridgeport.

“I think we did a great job,” Costantini said of the campaign. “I wish Marilyn Moore the best.”

Shortly before midnight, Laura Devlin, who won her race for the 134th district, beating Democrat Tara Cook-Littman, stopped by the GOP gathering.

The seat includes a part of Trumbull and Fairfield. Devlin will replace Tony Hwang who ran and won a seat in the state Senate.

Devlin said she has heard a lot from voters about Hwang’s outreach in the district.

“It’s big shoes to fill,” Devlin said. “But I got into this because I care deeply and want to make positive change. I’m ready to fight for Trumbull and Fairfield.

Trumbull Democratic Town Committee Chair Tom Kelly said he was proud of the work his party did.

"First, I'd like to thank the voters of Trumbull for taking the time to come to the polls today," Kelly said. "Congratulations to Marilyn Moore, David Rutigliano, Laura Devlin, and T.R. Rowe.  We look forward to working with them for the betterment of our town and our state."
"Trumbull Democrats are proud of our efforts tonight," he said.  "First, Marilyn Moore got about 40% of the vote in Trumbull, which exceeded our internal target by 5 points and helped to propel her to victory in the State Senate race.  We are very pleased that this will remain a Democratic seat.  Second, State Treasurer Denise Nappier more than held her own in Tim Herbst's hometown, garnering about 39% of the vote, and exceeding our internal targets by 6 points.  Also, at the top of the ticket, Mr. Foley's margin of victory was much less than in 2010, so we made progress there as well."

Below are the unofficial results, not including results on the ballot questions:


  • Tom Foley (R) — 7,515
  • Dannel Malloy (D) — 5,582

U.S. Congress, 4th District

  • Dan Debicella (R) — 6,890
  • Jim Himes (D) — 6,069

State Senator, 22nd District

  • Rick Costantini (R) — 7,617
  • Marilyn Moore (D) — 5,087

122nd House District

  • Ben McGorty (R) — 429

123rd House District

• Dave Rutigliano (R) — 4,941

Doug Sutherland (D) — 2,949

134th House District

  • Laura Devlin (R) — 1,887
  • Tara Cook-Littman (D) — 1,764

Secretary of the State

  • Peter Lumaj (R) —7,029
  • Denise Merrill (D) — 5,377


  • Timothy Herbst (R) — 7,881
  • Denise Nappier (D) — 5,070


  • Sharon McLaughlin (R) — 7,207
  • Kevin Lembo (D) — 5,116

Attorney General

  • Kie Westby (R) — 6,469
  • George Jepsen (D) — 5,823

Judge of Probate

  • T.R. Rowe (R) — 8,446
  • Matthew Reale (D) — 4,490

Registrars of Voters

  • William Holden (R) 7,418
  • Laurel Anderson (D) — 4,882