GOP head criticizes Garrity ahead of land vote

In a written statement, Republican Town Committee Chairman Jack Testani on Monday condemned recent comments and actions taken by Fred Garrity, Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Democratic nominee for State Representative in the 134th district. 

Testani specifically noted that in the July 31, 2016 edition of the Connecticut Post, Garrity criticized a proposed acquisition of four parcels in close proximity to the municipal campus.  Garrity claimed lack of neighborhood input and went so far as to suggest that the property acquisitions should be put on the ballot. 

“All of a sudden Fred Garrity believes in neighborhood input.  He certainly didn’t believe in neighborhood input on lower Main Street when he shoved a controversial zone change down the throats of neighbors on a party line 3-2 vote.," Testani said.

Testani was referring to a recent zone change approved by the Democratic majority on the Planning and Zoning Commission that would now allow office buildings in a residential zone, with up to 8,500 square feet on one acre.

“For months, even years, the people of lower Main Street have been asking the commission to be their advocate.  When the Planning and Zoning Commission switched the majority to Democrat, Fred Garrity helped to orchestrate the deterioration of Main Street.” 

Testani also noted that this was not the first time that Garrity supported controversial measures that were not carefully thought out or vetted. 

In 2013 and again in 2014, Garrity publicly spoke in favor of marijuana dispensaries being constructed in the Town of Trumbull, calling it an “economic development opportunity.”  Although, marijuana has been widely recognized as a potential gateway for more serious drug addictions; Garrity wanted to forge ahead, despite the warnings of the Town Planner and the Town Attorney.

“If Fred Garrity wants to put questions on the ballot, Mr. Garrity is going to learn very quickly that his views may not be in the best interests of Trumbull and its constituents," Testani said.

Testani stated that Garrity’s double talk is proof positive of someone looking for higher office, rather than someone who is focused on helping all of Trumbull. 

“Fred Garrity doesn’t believe in listening to people.  All he believes in is advancing his political agenda.  He desperately wants to become a State Representative and he will do or say just about anything to try and make that happen," Testani said.

And in conclusion Testani highlighted positive changes under the Republican administration led by First Selectman Tim Herbst: “Trumbull has had positive economic development growth as suggested by the Plan of Conversation and Development that has resulted in an increase to the Town Grand List and a decrease to the mil rate for the first time in years. Despite the detractors, naysayers and hypocrites like Fred Garrity, the Trumbull Republican Party and First Selectman Herbst will continue to act in the best interests of all Trumbulllites.”