Fireworks, food and rides: Trumbull Day is Saturday

Trumbull Day returns this weekend with what organizers are calling new, exciting additions to last year’s games, carnival rides, and live entertainment.

“We have more of everything this year. There will be more rides, a wider variety of food and more arts and crafts vendors, ” said Elizabeth Mastroianni, chairwoman of the Trumbull Day Commission.

The event is this Saturday, June 28, from noon to 11 at the fields behind Trumbull High School and Hillcrest Middle School. A rain date is scheduled for Sunday, June 29.

Tickets will cost $5 and admission will be free for children under 5 and U.S. military personnel with their active card.

In keeping with Trumbull tradition, a major fireworks display is scheduled for 9:15 p.m.

“Trumbull fireworks are always a favorite,” said Mastroianni. “People come from all over to see them. They were amazing last year and won’t disappoint this year.”

The day will be filled with music from a number of acclaimed performers, including groups Remember September and Forget Paris. Fans can count on two performances from Forget Paris, one before and after the fireworks.

The new rides and games offer thrills for patrons of all ages, Mastrioanni said. One of the ride highlights includes a “Roaring Railroad” Thomas the Train ride that will take children around the vicinity of the entire festival grounds.

Older kids and teens can enjoy the “Splatter Box.”

“They use paintballs and a canvas board,” said Mastroianni. “Incorporated with target practice, kids fire different colored paintballs to create an unfiltered work of art.”

For visitors 21 and older, the beer and wine tent will be back.

“The same rules apply from last year,” Mastroianni said. “Security will be checking I.D.s and customers may not leave the tent with alcohol.”

Up to 18,000 people are expected to show. Trumbull Day was on hiatus for a few years before returning last year, and organizers are expecting a higher turnout as more former attendees learn of its return.

A huge volunteer effort is needed to keep the event going.

“The volunteer staff is the backbone of the event,” Mastroianni said. “Nothing would be possible without them. We’re lucky to have a great group this year.”

However, Mastroianni said the current number of volunteers is less than ideal. “It’s not too late to join our ranks,” she said. “Every hand helps.”

Anyone interested in volunteering may contact Mastroianni at Admission is free for all volunteers.