Elderly, disabled residents can apply for tax relief

The town is currently accepting applications for the Elderly and Disabled Tax Relief Plan for the 2018 Grand List year. Applicants may go to the Tax Assessor’s office until May 15. Those who cannot come into the office can call 203-452-5198.
The program is open to those who are 65 years old as of December 31, 2018. There is no age requirement for those who are permanently disabled. To be eligible for the program, homeowners must reside in Trumbull for one year before receiving benefits. Applicants must have a 2018 income of $70,000 or less including the full amount of Social Security.
There are two tax relief programs: a tax credit and a tax deferral.
Under the tax credit, the homeowner’s tax bill can be reduced on a sliding scale from $312 to $2,600 based on income. Under the tax deferral plan homeowners can defer payment of up to 75% of their taxes. The amount deferred is a lien on the real estate and carries an annual interest rate of 3%. This amount will be reimbursed to the town upon the resident’s death, the sale of the property or the resident moving out of town. Residents must check with their financial institution because many mortgage holders do not allow for tax liens on real estate.
Residents will be required to furnish proof of income, which can include a federal IRS Form 1040 or 1040A or a Social Security Form 1099. Applicants who have not filed an IRS form must submit the information that is used to calculate income.
The state offers a tax credit program wherein the tax bill is reduced anywhere between $150 and $1,250 depending on income level. The income limits for the 2018 program year are $43,900 or below (married); $36,000 or below (single). Once established on the program, the applicant is required to renew biennially.
Veterans who served in time of war, or who have served in combat or combat support role for the duration of a campaign lasting less than 90 days, are qualified to apply for a property tax exemption. To apply for that exemption, a veteran must file a DD-214 form with the Town Clerk by September 30. The exemption will be applied to the next assessment list. The regular veteran’s exemption of $3,000 off the assessment can be applied to either real estate or a motor vehicle.
Property owners who are permanently and totally disabled and receiving Social Security disability benefits or benefits under a federal, state or local retirement program which contains disability requirements comparable to those of the SSA, may apply to the Tax Assessor’s Office prior to October 1 to receive an exemption of $1,000 off the assessment of their property. Said exemption to be applied to the next assessment list. Satisfactory proof of total disability must be furnished.
A person who is legally blind and has provided to the Tax Assessor’s Office a certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, may apply to the Tax Assessor’s Office prior to October 1 to receive an exemption of $3,000 off the assessment of their property. This exemption is to be applied to the next assessment list.