Editorial: Town Council Democrats discuss second meeting of 2016

As promised, the minority council representatives would like to summarize the Feb. 1t meeting for the citizens.

Much of the agenda was procedural in nature and voted on unanimously. These include the following:

  1. Rehiring of town auditors, Blum Shapiro

  2. Approving an application to be a member in a pilot program with the State of Connecticut Election Enforcement Commission for the 2017 election cycle.

  3. Approving an IRS change in the town pension plan.

  4. Approving an Early Retirement Offering for the UPSUE Local 424 Supervisors and the DPW Supervisors union.  

  5. Approval of a 5 year capital plan which is a “wish list” of future capital expenditures.  No monies were approved and this is a necessary document in order to get state funding.

Where we disagreed with our colleagues was the resolution to disband the Trumbull Day Commission. Since the now defunct Commission has the authority to run the event, it must be disbanded so that such authority may be transferred to the Department of Parks and Recreation. While we would prefer that a community led non-profit corporation would be formed to organize and run the event, we agree that Parks and Recreation does provide a more professional structure and addresses contracting and liability concerns. However, we felt the language of the resolution presented was not welcoming to the public, and perhaps would be viewed as an indication that community input was not needed or wanted. Members of both parties emphasized that this was not the case.

Councilman Marsh proposed a potential solution: an ad hoc committee of community volunteers under the direction of Mr. McCarthy to preserve the 40-year tradition of community participation in the planning of Trumbull Day. Motion was denied, with some Republican Town Council members expressing an interest in revisiting the issue if a more detailed plan was presented. We will redraft a motion for the March meeting with more concrete guidelines.  

As always, we encourage you to watch Trumbull Community Television to formulate your own opinion or to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Mary Beth Thornton, Tom Whitmoyer, Lisa Valenti, Dawn Cantafio, Bill Mecca, and Jason Marsh
Town Council Democrats