Chairman — What happened to transparency?

Joseph Pifko
Joseph Pifko

The Democrats are trying to create a story where there is none. I recently sent a non public email to the First Selectman regarding a possible conflict of interest involving one of the members of the P&Z. I did not send out a press release, I did not file a Freedom of Information request. I just asked a simple question. What happened next was quite remarkable.

Myself and the Republican Party were accused of mudslinging and sending out fliers regarding the first selectman. They even sought outside legal advice before answering my simple question. If they knew there was no conflict, why did they need a legal opinion? Clearly they wondered whether it was a concern.

First, let me unequivocally deny that the TRTC had anything to do with the fliers that went out to residents. To suggest that the Republican party sent them out without any proof is reprehensible. We just filed our SEEC Form 30 with the State of CT and there are no expenses listed for mailers. That is public information, easily available for anyone including the Trumbull Times to read.

It is truly alarming that I, as a resident of Trumbull, can't ask a question without a vicious overblown response. I never attacked anyone. I never took a position for or against the project in question. Everyone in town, regardless of political affiliation is entitled to know what is happening at Town Hall, and should feel free to make inquiries without fear of retaliation. I was simply exercising my civic rights. What happened to the transparency we were promised by the first selectman?

Joe Pifko, chairman

Trumbull Republicans