CT Progressives to hold Bernie Sanders rally in response to Clinton fundraiser

CT Progressives, a local grassroots political group, will hold a rally for Bernie Sanders in response to Bill Clinton’s upcoming visit to Bridgeport next week. The rally will take place Tuesday, Jan. 12, at 7 p.m., at Rampage Skate Shop in Bridgeport.

The rally will feature voter registration, volunteer sign-ups, information about how to get involved in the Sanders campaign, and the chance to get to know other people who are fed up with the power of big money.

“This is truly what it's about: people versus big money,” said Kara Rochelle, a CT Progressives organizer. “It’s about income inequality, who buys political power, and where true power lies. People should come before big money, and we're not having this game in our backyard.”

The Clintons’ $2,700 per person event is being hosted by software executive Oni Chukwu, according to Clinton’s campaign website, and will take place in a $4 million residence in Black Rock, the wealthiest neighborhood in a city marked by widespread poverty.

The city of Bridgeport is a common stop for fundraising events for both Republican and Democrat politicians. The city is close to donors from nearby wealthy areas like Greenwich, New Canaan, and Stamford, allowing candidates to leverage momentum from the amount of donations they receive.

“They can have their money,” said Rochelle. “We're focused on engaging average people and making sure their voices are heard in the political process. When people come together, they win, which we’ve seen in the record small-donor fundraising by the Sanders’ campaign.”

Clinton’s fundraising event comes just weeks before Iowa holds its first presidential caucuses Feb. 1 and New Hampshire holds its presidential primary Feb. 9. Connecticut’s primary is on April 26, and voters must be registered as a Democrat by Jan. 26 to support Sanders, Clinton, or former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley in the primary.

Rampage Skate Shop is located at 1625 Railroad Avenue, Bridgeport.

To learn more about CT Progressives visit CTprogressives.com or facebook.com/CTprogressives.