BREAKING: Herbst diagnosed with thyroid cancer

First Selectman Tim Herbst delivers the 2017 State of the Town address Tuesday at Tashua Knolls. - Roger Salls photos
First Selectman Tim Herbst delivers the 2017 State of the Town address Tuesday at Tashua Knolls. — Roger Salls photos

First Selectman Tim Herbst has been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, according to a memo sent out earlier this afternoon. Herbst said the condition runs in his family, including his father, former Trumbull High Athletic Director Michael Herbst, being diagnosed in 1977.

"I have been monitoring my thyroid for the past few years, because the condition runs in my family," Herbst said Friday. "Recently I saw my doctor, then the endocrinologist, and they confirmed that something was there."

Herbst, 36,  described the thyroid growth as "very small, very contained, and we caught it early" and said it would not have an effect on his job performance or his plans to run for state office next year.

Michael Herbst was diagnosed with the same condition in 1977 at age 25, Herbst said. He also had surgery and was back at work a few days later.

"He's going to be 65 this year, and he looks great," he said. 

Herbst said he plans to have his thyroid removed on an upcoming Friday, and be back in the office the following Monday.

Full text of Herbst letter below:

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

During a routine checkup with my primary physician and endocrinologists, I have recently learned that I have been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.  I am grateful that with proactive attention and excellent medical care, this cancer has been identified at a very early stage.  I plan on having my thyroid removed without the need for radiation or chemo.  The recovery and treatment rate for this disease is very high.  I expect to go in for surgery on a Friday and be back in the office the following Monday.

There is a history of thyroid cancer in my family.  My father had thyroid cancer in 1977, when he was a 25 year old teacher and football coach at Trumbull High School.  This history in my family has caused me to monitor my thyroid for the last several years. My father had his surgery on aThursday afternoon and was back on the football field coaching on aSaturday.  I plan on doing the same thing and getting back to running our great town.

While most people keep this private, I wanted to share this with you because I want to underscore to all of you the importance of early detection and being proactive.  I am very fortunate that my doctors stayed on top of this and I am very lucky that this was caught very, very early.  Two takeaways - - never be afraid to go to the Doctor and always remember that above all else, your health is most important.

Right now I feel great and I am maintaining my work out regime.  We have a town to move forward and a state that needs fixing and I plan on moving forward healthy and full steam ahead.

I want to thank my amazing doctors; Dr. Benjamin Weisman, Dr. Sandi Jo Galati, Dr. Linda Werner and my surgeon, Dr. Sara Richer.

I’ll keep you all posted.  I’m going to be fine!


Timothy M. Herbst

First Selectman

Town of Trumbull

5866 Main Street

Trumbull, CT 06611