Anti-vaccine candidate? Cook-Littman slams GOP attack

Trumbull and Fairfield Republicans are attacking Tara Cook-Littman, a Democrat running for 134th State Representative seat, for her appearance in an independent film Bought  a movie with the tagline: “The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma and Your Food.”

The Republican Town Committee leadership, in both towns, say Cook-Littman’s participation in a film they describe as “essentially anti-vaccine propaganda” is alarming. Cook-Littman, however, is firing back, calling the attack a distortion, since she supports vaccinations, and was only interviewed on her GMO-labeling advocacy in Connecticut.

Bought, the film, explores the potential link between vaccines and autism, though that isn’t the only topic addressed. It also looks at GMO’s in food and pharmaceutical use in health care.

“In Ms. Cook-Littman’s world, she wants to bring us back to an era where children and adults go unvaccinated and modern medicine and technology are thrown away, which is a frightening image,” said Fairfield Republican Town Committee Chairman James Millington.

“While vaccinations protect individuals from diseases, they have far-reaching impacts that benefit an entire community, and one just has to look at the gravity of the Ebola outbreak to truly understand what happens when the proper vaccines aren’t readily available,” Trumbull GOP Chair Paul Lavoie added. “While Ms. Cook-Littman is entitled to her beliefs and notions about vaccinations, I believe that these are dangerous claims and positions that could have serious implications on our public health and safety.”

Cook-Littman responded to the attack Tuesday, saying it is a total distortion of her interview for the film.

“I was interviewed as a national leader of the GMO labeling movement — A movement that I am proud of and has the support of 94% of the American public,” she said. “I support vaccinations for their obvious public health benefits, and have never said otherwise.

In a clip of the movie, sent to The Times (see above), Cook-Littman is interviewed only about the GMO labeling bill in Connecticut and grassroots effort to get it passed.

"For their record, and I am disgusted that this even needs to be said, all three of my children are vaccinated and are up to date on all of their vaccines,” she said.

Cook Littman said this kind of attack by the GOP is exactly what Connecticut families hate about politics.

“The Republicans are willing to lie, distort and smear, without evidence and without shame,” she said. “ This is why I am running for office. I am tired of politicians saying and doing anything to get elected.”

Cook-Littman said her opponent, Laura Devlin, should call for an apology from members of the GOP party.

“I would never stoop to such baseless partisan attacks,” Cook-Littman said.