The following is a list of post-high school plans for Trumbull High students.

Christopher Adiletta, Lincoln Technical Institute; Alberto Aguillon, Albertus Magnus College; Ileana Virginia Aguirre, University of New Haven; Kiana Akhundzadeh, University of Connecticut; Lekha Alaparthi, Boston University; Michael Aldridge, United States Army (Army); Omar Alwani, Housatonic Community College; Grant Amrine, Fairfield University; Joshua Amrine, Fairfield University; Christopher Anderson, Dean College; Eric Anderson, University of South Carolina; Matthew Angelo, University of Connecticut; Jamie Appelberg, Fairfield University; Gene Arganese, Southern Connecticut State University; Nikko Arganese, Lynn University; Alena Aubrey, Housatonic Community College; Matthew Baccaro, University of Rhode Island; Thomas Baccaro, University of Connecticut; Kyle Bacharach, Southern Connecticut State University; Allison Bachman, Monmouth University; Andrew Banas, Norwalk Community College; Justin Baxter, SUNY College at Cortland; Julianne Becker, University of South Carolina; Marianna Bedoya, University of Connecticut; Stephanie Bellofiore, Southern Connecticut State University;

Also, Sabrina Benjamin, Housatonic Community College; Grace Berardi, The University of Tampa; Hayley Berkowitz, Norwalk Community College; Carley Berlin, The George Washington University; Natalie Biebel, Marymount Manhattan College; Anna Bivona, University of Connecticut; Sydney Blackwell, Roger Williams University; Christopher Bodnar, Pennsylvania State University, University Park; Julianne Boggs, Gettysburg College; Luke Bolton, SUNY College at Cobleskill; Shannon Boyd, Drexel University; Alexa Bragg, Gordon College; Richard Briggs, University of Hartford; Wandy Brito, Norwalk Community College; Connor Broderick, Eastern Connecticut State University; Ryan Broderick, Eastern Connecticut State University; Alexa Bruce, Keene State College; Quentin Brunetti, Eastern Connecticut State University; Thomas Bucci, Housatonic Community College; Rebecca Buck, Texas Christian University; Savannah Burke, Housatonic Community College; Miles Buroker, University of Southern California; Gabriela Buttress, Christopher Newport University; Sara Buzel, University of Connecticut; Giovanna Cadella, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; Alexandra Cammarota, The University of Tampa; Lauren Canchola, Housatonic Community College;

Also, Brooke Capra, Southern Connecticut State University; Genesis Caraballo, Lincoln Technical Institute; Lisa Carbone, Sacred Heart University; Samuel Carley, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Kaylynn Carr, Housatonic Community College; Juan Carreno, University of Bridgeport; Rachel Carron, The Ohio State University; Angelica Cassese, Delaware Valley College; Michaila Castaldi, University of Connecticut; Kevin Cecio, Westfield State University; Marc Cesare, Central Connecticut State University; Daniela A Cevasco, Southern Connecticut State University; Srividya Chandrasekhar, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Andrew Charlton, University of Michigan; Sabrina Nicole Chevrette, Southern Connecticut State University; Nicole Chiappetta, SUNY Morrisville State College; Daniel Choi, The Ohio State University; Daniela Ciambriello, Mount Ida College; Michael Ciancimino, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Stephen Ciulla, University of Connecticut; Christina Clericuzio, University of New Hampshire; Jacob Cohen, Carnegie Mellon University; Thomas Cole, University of Connecticut; Kalea Coles, University of Connecticut; Kylie Collier, St. Vincent’s College; Madeleine Collins, University of South Carolina; Mikala Coppolella, Southern Connecticut State University; Christopher Corda, University of Hartford; Zachary Corey, Temple University; Stephanie C Correa, University of Connecticut;

Also, Daniella Costa, Elmira College; Christie Costello, University of Connecticut; Steven A Costello, University of Delaware; Bailey Cotrona, State University of New York at Albany; Kellie Courville, George Mason University; Brett Cousins, University of Bridgeport; Camila Couto, University of Connecticut; Michael Curley, Eastern Connecticut State University; Brooke Curry, University of South Carolina; Alden Dahl, University of Rhode Island; Maria Damien, Housatonic Community College; Sterling Davis, New England Institute of Technology; Los Santos, Jeanelle D, University of Connecticut; Jessica Deaky, University of New Haven; Novella DeAngelis, Manhattanville College; Juliana Decker, Sacred Heart University; Angela DeGenova, Roger Williams University; Christian DeGenova, Quinnipiac University; Philip DeGenova, Central Connecticut State University; Madeleine Dehm, Plymouth State University; Mathew DeRienzo, Western Connecticut State University; Nicholas DeRosa, Sacred Heart University; Rebecca DeVos, Palm Beach Atlantic University; Carla Dias, Westfield State University; Stephanie DiBenedetto, Sacred Heart University; Courtney Dicocco, Central Connecticut State University; Amanda Dingwall, Bridgewater State University; Sean Doherty, Eastern Connecticut State University; Amber Domond, Eastern Connecticut State University; Margaret Donlon, High Point University; Caroline Drenkard, Cornell University; Simon Du, University of Connecticut; Nicholas Dulepski, Widener University;

Also, Joshua Dumas, North Carolina Wesleyan College; Brendan Dunn, University of Connecticut; Katelyn Dunn, Fairfield University; Veronica Dykes, North Carolina State University; Margaret Eaton, University of New England; Sarah Eaton, University of Wyoming; Camilla M Edwards, University of Florida; Maria Elizondo, Gateway Community College; Michael Ell, University of Connecticut; William Eng, Pace University, Westchester Campus ; Kianna Erazo, St. John’s University - Queens Campus; Michael J. Errichetti, University of New Haven; Amina Essaihi, Northeastern University; Yoshira Evans, Gateway Community and Technical College; Nicholas Falbo, Housatonic Community College; Robert Fantarella, SUNY College at Cobleskill; Meredith Anne Felt, Merrimack College; Anna Ferrari, Syracuse University; Alexandra Fetzer, Pennsylvania State University, University Park; Rebecca Jill Feuerberg, University of Connecticut; Brian Finger, Gettysburg College; James Fisher, University of Connecticut; Katherine Foley, University of Connecticut; Jacob Ford, Paul Smith’s College; Peter Freund, Central Connecticut State University; Morgan Fried, University of Maryland, College Park; Dana Fryer, Boston University; Brian Gamarro, Porter and Chester Institute (Stratford); Adolfo Garcia, Porter and Chester Institute (Stratford); Philip Giacobbe, employed; Stephanie Giblin, Sacred Heart University; Damon Gilbert, employed; Eleanora Gilchrist, Unity College; Haley Goldblatt, SUNY College at Cortland;

Also, Allison Gomes, Southern Connecticut State University; Luis Gomes, Springfield College; Valeria Gonzalez, Western Connecticut State University; Briana M Gooden, University of Maryland, College Park; Melanie Gorton, University of Denver; Erin Grady, University of Delaware; Steven Green, University of New Haven; Kristen Gregory, University of Connecticut; Emily Grilley, Sacred Heart University; Michael Grischuk, University of Connecticut; Amanda Griswold, Unity College; Nicholas Grogin, Universal Technical Institute; Tyler Grubler, Binghamton University; Jackeline Guillen, Syracuse University; Alexa Gunsolley, Emory University; Steven Guttman, Eastern Connecticut State University; Jeffrey Hage, University of Connecticut; Ashley Hallstrom, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Nicholas Harriau, Salisbury University; Jake Haslam, The University of Alabama; Brooke Hayden, Fordham University; Thomas Hayduk, University of Rhode Island; Patrick Heeks, Fairfield University; Austin Held, United States Marine Corps; Kathryn Herndon, Sacred Heart University; Michelle Hesse, Southern Connecticut State University; Thomas Hesse, Seton Hall University; Nicole Heyder, Central Connecticut State University; Brandon Hirshfield, University of New Haven; Tyler Hiznay, Monmouth University; Stephen Hnatuk, University of Connecticut; Samantha Hobar, Eastern Connecticut State University; Sean D Hopper, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Jake Horowitz, Indiana University at Bloomington; Lauren Hyde, University of Bridgeport;

Also, Thomas Ieronimo, University of Connecticut; Samantha Jackson, Sacred Heart University; Beena Jacob, University of Vermont; Lauren Jacobson, Bryant University; Kelly Jeffery, University of New Haven; Kunal Jhaveri, University of California at Los Angeles; Yufei Jiang, Indiana University at Bloomington; Dixon Jin, Northeastern University; Gabrielle Joachim, Pennsylvania State University, University Park; Cristina Johnson, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Elijah Johnson, Housatonic Community College; Eric Jones, Norwich University; Kherigen Jones, Quinnipiac University; Francisco Jorge, Southern Connecticut State University; Stephen Kadish, Sacred Heart University; Zachary Kaesmann, University of New Haven; Ana-Marie Kalafatis, Sacred Heart University; Thomas Kasper, Albertus Magnus College; Sarah Katske, University of Connecticut; Lindsay Katz-Sheehan, Sarah Lawrence College; Stephen Kelley, University of New Hampshire; Casey Kelly, Ricci’s Academy; Colin Keyes, University of New Haven; Keshav Kumar Khazanchi, University of Connecticut; Josiah Kish, Palm Beach Atlantic University; Alyssa Klein, Southern Connecticut State University; Giovanni Klein, Fairfield University; Robert Koch, Fordham University; Eric Koelewyn, University of Connecticut; Danielle Kolliopoulos, Southern Connecticut State University; Jessica Komorowski, University of Connecticut; Maneesh Koneru, University of Connecticut; Julie Kramer, Syracuse University; Jackson LaBoa, Wentworth Institute of Technology; Michael Labrecque, Southern Connecticut State University; Michael LaMastra, Temple University; Dylan Lao, Sacred Heart University; Elizabeth LaPorta, Sacred Heart University;

Also, Marcus Laracuente, University of Maryland, College Park; Katherine Larkin, University of Connecticut; Jakob Levison, University of Pennsylvania; Brian Lifrieri, University of Rhode Island; Hannah Lillicraf, University of North Carolina at Wilmington; Melissa Lindine, St. John Fisher College; Kristine Liptack, University of New Haven; Julia Lisi, University of Connecticut School of Nursing; Tyler Liven, Southern Connecticut State University; Victoria Llanos, University of New Haven; Sean Lorson, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Patrick Loughran, High Point University; Yihan Lu, McMaster University; Eliza Lynch, University of South Carolina; John R. Macauda, Southern Connecticut State University; John Maccone, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Corrie MacLean, Stonehill College; Riley Maloney, Champlain College; Joseph Mancini, University of Connecticut; Daniel Marazita, Southern Connecticut State University; Kyle Marchetti, Western Connecticut State University; Alyssa Marini, Quinnipiac University; Jeanette Marini, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Alex Marino, Philadelphia University; Andrew John Marino, Curry College; Larissa Mark, Columbia University; Kerry Marques, The University of Alabama; Nicholas Marrash, Yale New Haven Sponosor Hospital Paramedic Program; Max Martel, Western New England University; Joseph Martinez, University of Bridgeport; Samantha Marzulli, University of Rhode Island; Christopher Masi, University of Rhode Island; Michael Mason, Central Connecticut State University; Joseph Matera, Southern Connecticut State University; Laura Mateusiak, University of Connecticut; Ian Matz, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Kevin McAndrews, Roger Williams University; Linda McAuley, Springfield College; Johnathan Paul McCoy, Housatonic Community College; Alexandra McCullough, Sacred Heart University; Emily McGrath, Saint Michael’s College; Daniel McInerney, University of Rhode Island; Samuel McKinney, Brown University; Austin James Medina, Florida State University; Brian Mego, Central Connecticut State University; Akash Mehta, University of Connecticut; Kayla Mendell, Housatonic Community College; Tara Merkle, Southern Connecticut State University; Daniel Michel, Eastern Connecticut State University; Elena Mignone, Fairfield University; David Miller, Monmouth University; Liam Moore, Ohio University; Luke K Moore, The University of Alabama; Julia Moores, Fordham University; Ashley Morgan, The University of Alabama; Rosa-Nicole Moriello, Southern Connecticut State University; Jelica Morrison, Johnson & Wales University (Providence); Sarah Morsches, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Kaelyn Mostafa, Roger Williams University; Gregory Murray, Clarkson University; Elizabeth Nagy, University of Connecticut;

Also, Erika Nagy, University of Connecticut; Julianne P Napolitano, University of South Carolina; Olivia Nestro, Saint Michael’s College; Caroline Neubauer, Fairfield University; Tessa Neubauer, Loyola University Chicago; Luc Nguyen, University of Connecticut; Kathleen Nickson, Stony Brook University; Kristine Nickson, Ramapo College of New Jersey; Chitra Nidadavolu, University of Connecticut; Ryan O’Hagan, Northeastern University; Ngozika Odigbo, Howard University; Gabriella Oppedisano, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Mohamed Othman, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Jordan Pabellon, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Kevin Pacelli, Syracuse University; Paige Paoletti, Southern Connecticut State University; Ashley Papcin, Housatonic Community College; Zachary Parente, Central Connecticut State University; Margaret Parisi, University of Connecticut; Maria Parra, Porter and Chester Institute (Stratford); Christine Paulin, University of South Florida, Tampa; Hailey Pekera, Providence College; Ross Pellenberg, University of Connecticut; Haley Pendergast, Florida State University; Wyatt Pendleton, University of Connecticut; Monica M Pereira, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Matthew L Petrizzi, Western New England University; Thanh Pham, Southern Connecticut State University; Sarah Phonthaphanh, Sacred Heart University; David Piccirillo, University of New Haven; Jessica Pikikero, Towson University; Aleksandra Pirog, Northeastern University; Hannah Pirozzoli, Saint Anselm College; Owen Polzello, Marist College; Victor Pontes, Full Sail University; Destiny Powell, Morgan State University; Victoria Primavera, University of Vermont; Jacqueline Probst, Purdue University; Samuel Pulie, Fairfield University; Taylor L Puzzio, Monmouth University; Daniel Quinn, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Anthony Ramadei, Northeastern University; Ryan Randall, Curry College; Kayla Ray, Eastern Connecticut State University; Christina Raynor, Porter and Chester Institute (Stratford); Philip Reardon, Technical School; Sean Reynolds, University of New Haven; Priscila Ribeiro, Quinnipiac University; Ryan Richardson, Norwich University; Shaun Rimkunas, Ithaca College; Marc Rivera, University of Connecticut; Naysha Rivera, Gateway Community College; Sara Robaczynski, Sacred Heart University; Nicholas Roberts, Dean College;

Also, Victoria Rodriguez, Housatonic Community College; Jacqueline Rose, University of Louisville; Jesse Rubinstein, Pace University, New York City; Emily Ruchalski, Fordham University; Alexa T. Ruff, Salve Regina University; Persephone Ruff, Southern Connecticut State University; Joel A Russell, Sussex County Community College; Vincent Russello, Housatonic Community College; Bennett Ryan, Syracuse University; Mary Ryan, Fordham University; Erin Rybnick, Siena College; Christopher Rzasa, Southern Connecticut State University; Zachary Patrick Sagar, Western Connecticut State University; Jeffrey Sam, University of Connecticut; Adrian Sanders, Southern Connecticut State University; Victoria Santoro, Endicott College; Avery Santos, University of Connecticut at Avery Point; Luana Sardinha, Sacred Heart University; Daniel Satter, Western Connecticut State University; Marc Savarese, Norwalk Community College; Christine Savino, University of Connecticut; Allison Schmidt, Clemson University; Amber Schultz, Southern Connecticut State University; Megan Schultz, Southern Connecticut State University; Nicole Schwartz, University of Maryland, College Park; Christopher Scott, University of Michigan; Seth M Scott, University of Connecticut at Avery Point; Matthew Seferian, Roger Williams University; Rakshana Selvarajan, Villanova University; Carlos Sevilla, Central Connecticut State University; Kevin Shanahan, Norwalk Community College; Hunter Sharkey, Norwalk Community College; Gregory Shawinsky, Albertus Magnus College; Jacquelyn Sheehan, Pace University, New York City; Sydney Sheehan, Endicott College; Michele Shulman, University of Rhode Island; Hunter Sigona, Fairfield University; Alexandra Simone, Becker College; Alexandra Simpson, New York Institute of Technology - Old Westbury; Abrianna Smalls, Mount Saint Mary College;

Also, Matthew Smith, Salisbury University; Louis Sokol, Wentworth Institute of Technology; George Sollenberger, Eastern Connecticut State University; Carly Sollitto, Central Connecticut State University; Dilpreet Sood, Norwalk Community College; Alexandra Sosa, Sacred Heart University; Sydney Speaks, University of New Hampshire; Lauren Squires, Hofstra University; Mia Stagliano, Continue Education; Elizabeth Stanton, Quinnipiac University; Derrick Stewart, Technical School; Molly Stewart, Fordham University; William Stickle, Clemson University; Alyssa Storino, University of Notre Dame; Jennifer Stowe, Pace University, New York City; William Sun, University of California at San Diego; Angela Surrusco, University of Rhode Island; Kristine Szabo, Fairfield University; Cristopher Tantimonico, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Nicholas Tantimonico, US Marine Corps; Stephanie Targonski, Florida State University; Madeline Tatto, Eastern Connecticut State University; Ya Monei Teel, Southern Connecticut State University; Julia Teixeira, Western Connecticut State University; Katelyn Thaler, Piedmont Community College; Zachary Thompson, Salisbury University; Justin Tisdale, Lincoln Technical Institute; Christos Toromanides, Military plans; Sabrina Adele Torri, Salve Regina University; Sophia Tramuta, University of Connecticut; Brian Tran, Southern Connecticut State University; Colby Trask, Eastern Connecticut State University; Anastasia Tsymbalyuk, Housatonic Community College; Alessandro Tucci, Mitchell College; Gabriella Tuccinardi, Norwalk Community College; Elizabeth Tujak-Weiss, University of Connecticut; Sharan Kaur Ugra, Temple University; Brenda Valentin, Sacred Heart University; Johanna Vecchione, Continue Education;

Also, Peter Veikos, Boston College; Perry Vincenzi, Southern Connecticut State University; Audrey Vogel, University of Hartford; Snigdha Wadhwa, University of Connecticut; Emily Wajda, University of New Haven; John Walkup, US Marine Corps; Caitlin Wall, University of Connecticut at Stamford; Alexis Waller, Drexel University; Casey Walsh, Pace University, New York City; Colin P Walsh, Military plans; Shannon Walsh, The University of Tampa; Gabriel Weitzman, University of Hartford; Brendan Welch, University of Colorado at Boulder; Hayley Wettenstein, James Madison University; Robert Wheeler, Marist College; Briana White, Hartwick College; Christian Wieler, Fairfield University; Alysa Williams, Sacred Heart University; Nicole Williams, Hampton University; Hannah Winacott, The University of Alabama; Katerina Anne Wittmer, University of Bridgeport; Hunter J Wnukowski, Southern Connecticut State University; Katie Woessner, College of Charleston; Brandon Wong, University of Connecticut; Joyce E Woolen, Goucher College; Kristian Wortz, Housatonic Community College; Maxwell James Wu, University of Michigan; Melissa Lynn Wydra, Keene State College; Nour Yacoub, University of Connecticut; Kevin Yeung, Wofford College; Ray Young, Delaware Valley College; Maya Zaytoun, University of New Haven; Jack Zhang, College of William and Mary; Cindy Zheng, University of Connecticut; Lejla Zukovic, University of Connecticut at Stamford.