The annual Connecticut PTA Reflections contest was held May 15 at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. Several Trumbull students were winners in the contest.
Top Trumbull winners are Madison Middle School student Johannes Rysse, first place Middle School: Photography; Hillcrest Middle School’s Alex Chamberlin, first place Special Artist: Musical Composition; and Madison Middle School’s Seth Goldstein, third place Middle School: Film Production.
Jennifer Falotico, Connecticut PTA president said, “Tonight we are celebrating our children and their accomplishments in the arts. The PTA Reflections Program provides an outlet for students to creatively explore what they are learning in the classroom; and more importantly the program offers opportunities to create works of art for fun and recognition. The Reflections Program is run by parent volunteers, thereby providing another opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s education. When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, dance, film, and other art media, they grow intellectually; they learn to analyze their thoughts and feelings while enjoying what they like to do best!”
Other Trumbull winners are:

Musical Composition

  • 1st place Primary: Genesis Perez (Jane Ryan School)

  • 2nd Place Intermediate: Carly Mofensen (Daniels Farm School)

  • 4th Place Middle School: Peter Bahr (Madison Middle School)

  • Visual Arts Awards

  • 2nd Place Primary: Olita Ray (Frenchtown School)

  • 4th Place Primary: Andrea Lamour (Daniels Farm School)

  • 4th Place Intermediate: Carly Mofensen (Daniels Farm School)

Literature Awards

  • 3rd Place Primary: Jack Doran (Middlebrook School)

  • 4th Place Primary: Maggie Durand (Booth Hill School)

  • 1st Place Intermediate: Carly Mofensen (Daniels Farm School)

Film Production Awards

  • 1st Place Primary: Caroline Sadler (Frenchtown School)

  • 2nd Place Intermediate: Erin Martini (Booth Hill School)

  • 4th Place Intermediate: Anivarth Parthasarathy (Middlebrook School)

  • 2nd Place Middle School: Olivia Armistead (Hillcrest Middle School)

  • 3rd Place Middle School: Seth Goldstein (Madison Middle School)

Photography Awards

  • 2nd Place Primary: Laila Novia ( Daniels Farm School)

  • 4th Place Primary: Skylar Nucifora (Booth Hill School)

  • 2nd Place Intermediate: Maura Brunt (Frenchtown School)

  • 3rd Place Intermediate: Anivarth Parthasarathy (Middlebrook School)

  • 1st Place Middle: Johannes Rysse (Madison Middle School)

Dance Choreography Awards

  • 1st Place Primary: Zofia Piatkowski (Tashua School)

  • 3rd Place Primary: Mila Barzallo (Frenchtown School)

  • 1st Place Intermediate: Miori Wisdom (Booth Hill School)

  • 2nd Place Intermediate: Addie Delong Middlebrook School)

  • 4th Place Intermediate: Ava Kaflinski (Jane Ryan School)

  • 1st Place Middle School: Sara Kocinsky (Madison Middle School)

  • 3rd Place High School: Natalie Modungo (Trumbull High School)

In addition, two Trumbull students were winners in the National Connecticut PTA Reflections contest:

  • Award of Excellence — Music Composition Special Artist Division: Alex Chamberlin, Hillcrest Middle School

  • Award of Excellence — Literature — Intermediate Division: Carly Mofensen, Daniels Farm School