Snow day #9 could extend school year, but April break will not be shortened

Today's snow storm forced Trumbull schools to close for the ninth time this year, an unusually high number that is all the more rare due to the lateness of the storms, with numerous snow days in late March and early April.

School Supt. Gary Cialfi had initially planned to open schools on a two-hour delay this morning, but changed his mind after getting reports from town plow crews that the snow was falling faster than they could clear it.

"They would plow and a few minutes later the road was covered again," Cialfi said. Though the snow was expected, Cialfi said the weather forecasts had called for morning temperatures of about 34 degrees. Instead temperatures dropped to about 31 degrees and the newly plowed roads quickly turned slushy.

Cialfi said he would meet with school staff officials tomorrow to determine a course of action to make up the latest snow day. Currently the last day of school for students is scheduled to be Thursday, June 21.

Whatever happens, though, Cialfi said the school system's April break the week of April 9 would not be shortened.

"April break is safe, that's the thing parents are most concerned about," Cialfi said. "People who have booked trips or bought plane tickets, we will still have our full April break."