Tashua Variety Show will be held on Friday, June 13, 7 p.m. in the Madison Middle School auditorium. Acts' Dress Rehearsal will be held on Thursday, June 12, starting at 4 p.m. in the Madison Middle School auditorium. The acts will run in order.

Fifth grade parents can volunteer to help at fifth grade events. To volunteer at the YMCA picnic on June 18 or the fifth grade party on June 20, go to pta.ivolunteer.com/#7 to sign up.

Volunteers needed for 5th grade graduation, a great opportunity for parents without children in 5th grade to pay it forward! There are many ways to help, from decorating and setting up the gym and courtyard, to dropping off refreshments and supplies for the reception. Sign up online at pta.ivolunteer.com/tashua5threcept14.

Fifth grade community service project: Fifth graders will be cleaning, painting picnic tables, and planting in the courtyard at Tashua School in preparation for the graduation reception. Wednesday, June 18, and Thursday, June 19, from 45 p.m., on both days. RSVP to Kelly Targowski. Parents welcome.

Academic Enrichment is offering two options for journal sharing over the summer. Option 1 -Students are paired to write in a journal which can be passed back and forth via mailbox. Option 2 - Two or more students can take turns writing a page of a story. One student picks up where the other let off so by the end of summer they have a completed story. School appropriate, of course.

Journals can be passed back and forth via mailbox. Journals are provided by the PTA but run independently once they are established. All grades. Questions? Contact: Michelle Brunone.

Visit tashuaschool.com for all the latest information and forms.