Sheila Craw, a third grade teacher at Middlebrook Elementary School was recently awarded the 2019 Weller Excellence in Teaching Award in recognition of her project entitled, The Craw Mall. This was a multidisciplinary project “in which children participate in a classroom behavior system that is designed to be representative of the real-world economic system. Children perform classroom jobs while following school and classroom rules in order to earn a salary. In doing so, each student learns how to budget and spend money effectively. If students do not follow rules or fail to complete tasks such as homework, their account was debited. This fun experiential project allows students to learn valuable life skills, such as responsibility, budgeting, and teamwork.”
The Weller Excellence in Teaching Award (formerly The Weller Outstanding Teacher Award) program was introduced to the Trumbull Public School System in 1992. The award recognizes the teaching quality and innovation exhibited by classroom teachers of grades kindergarten through grade 5. It is hoped that this honor will help encourage the teaching excellence that is so vital to our youth.
As recipient of this award, Craw was honored at the Foundation’s annual awards dinner held in the Dolan School of Business dining room at Fairfield University on April 23, and presented with a $1,000 award and a Certificate of Honor.