Hikers on the Pequonnock River Trail may have noticed a new addition to the Tait Road entrance recently, as a colorful rock garden now adorns the path.

The rocks, hand-painted and adorned with inspirational messages, are the work of Madison Middle School student Colin MacNeill and a group of friends, who took it upon themselves to spread some positivity in town.

“There is so much negativity in the world today, I was hoping that something so simple could spread some positivity, even in Trumbull,” Colin said.

The rock garden is part of what is known as the Kindness Rocks Project, part of a larger worldwide movement to spread kindness.

“I got the idea for this project from finding a rock on the Sandwich boardwalk on Cape Cod last summer,” Colin said. “The rocks are labeled with #kindnessrocksproject so people that find them can post their kindness stories on social media.”

Colin and some friends painted the rocks, wrote the messages, then placed them on the trail.

“The goal is to make people happy when they see them, and hopefully I achieved that,” he said.

A sign at the rocks instructs people: “Take one when you need one. Share one with a friend who needs some inspiration, or leave one for another. One message at just the right moment can change your whole day, outlook, life.”

Colin said the project was a lot of fun, but a lot more difficult than he expected. Luckily, he had an inspirational rock garden to keep him positive.