Middlebrook Elementary School Principal Patricia Frillici announced that two 5th grade students represented Middlebrook and Trumbull in the 2017 National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) on June 1-2.

Logan Jones won two awards for his invention of the QR Tattoo Allergy ID. He won First Place for Best Overall grade 5 invention along with the Healthcare and Medical Technology Award for his invention. Logan invented a temporary tattoo that is bar coded to provide allergy and medical information in the event of an emergency or injury during a sporting event or similar situation.   

Alex Browne’s invention was called Cap-EZ.  It’s a rubber device that attaches to a recyclable water bottle and its cap, which allows you to easily twist off the cap and hold onto it.

“We are proud of all of our students,” says Frillici. “For their perseverance, their dedication to the process, and for their creativity. We are especially proud of Logan and Alex for how well they represented Middlebrook and Trumbull. Their inventions show a bright future for our young people.”

After local competitions at each of our six elementary schools, 15 percent of our grade 5 students met the criteria to advance to regional competitions. A total of 1,400 students from 252 schools in Connecticut competed at one of four regionals events held at state universities. From regionals, 660 students met the criteria to compete at the CT Invention Convention finals held at the University of Connecticut on April 29. Only 100 of those students were selected at UCONN to compete at nationals in Washington, D.C. Logan and Alex were two of the seven students invited to represent Trumbull.