What the world needs now: Encouragement

A new smartphone app intended to offer encouragement to help people overcome depression, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness is in the final testing phase and expected to be available as soon as this Friday.

Gina Blaze, co-director with her husband, Dan, of the New England Prayer Center, created the app with her good friend Sam Maskell of Franklin, Tenn.

“The actual idea was mine,” Blaze said. “I called him because he does a lot of work with computers. He created the coding and background. We have built it for both the Android and Apple iOS and will be very excited to roll it out to both platforms in just a few more days.”

The app is being translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, and Hindi, and eventually Swahili will be added, she said.

“Mental illness is such a huge thing today,” she said. “I work with people every day through coaching who are struggling with bipolar or with issues of hopelessness and despair. This is my way of giving people one-on-one technology they can access in an instant. It will help a lot of people by giving them hope.”

Statistics are not wrong, according to Blaze. More than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression/anxiety disorders. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that almost one out of five people has an anxiety disorder, making it the most common mental disorder in the United States, she said.

The components of the mind/body and spirit are interconnected and an imbalance in areas nutritionally, psychologically, physically, emotionally, environmentally, socially, and spiritually can contribute to and trigger these disorders. The new studies show one out of every 10 people report experiencing a depressive episode, Blaze said.

The Declareit app has the ability to affect and combat negative thoughts using true declarations and affirmations, she said.

Declareit has put together an extensive list of declarations to choose from, categorized by mind, body and spirit.

They include statements like:

  • I’m getting stronger every day.

  • I’m not going to let my past determine my future.

  • I won’t do the same thing over and over that gets me no results.

  • I choose to resist the temptation to do drugs.

After choosing the positive declaration that “fear never makes the right choice, I will not choose anything out of fear,” smartphone users can program the app to have the declaration come up as many times during the day as they want it to, she said.

That can be once every hour, once a day, or however many times they choose, causing a negative thought to be replaced and a positive thought to be realized.

“The Declareit app is for everyone,” Blaze said. “It’s like having a private coach in the palm of your hand, giving instant wisdom and encouragement at a moment of need. If you are struggling in any area, mind, body or spirit, there is a declaration for you.

Changing negative thoughts will change your world and mine.”

Learn more about Declareit at www.declareitapp.com.